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Thermafuse’s Esculpt Medium-Firm Gel

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 8:09 PM

Thermafuse’s Esculpt Medium-Firm Gel is the favorite product among clients in Springville, New York’s Medusa Salon, and a favorite of owner Christy Bottoms.

“The gel has a light creamy consistency, which makes it great on all types of hair,” says Bottoms, who co-owns the salon with sister-in-law Shannan Klahn. “For our fine-haired clients, we cocktail it with Thermafuse’s Fixxe Volume Mousse to get great lift and hold, without weighing down the hair,” Bottoms says. “Curly-haired clients can cocktail it with Supporte Working Spray for defined curls or use it alone for a softer curl. For those who want a straight look, Esculpt and Straight Smoothing Balm give a smooth look that lasts all day.”

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Thermafuse’s Esculpt Medium-Firm Gel


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