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One of a Kind

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 8:10 PM


According to Founders Ofer and Carmen Tal, the success and popularity of their Moroccanoil products can be attributed to several factors--among them are “smart “ ingredients, good marketing, the right timing and consistently high performance.

Tal, a Montreal businessman, had no experience in the salon industry when, at the urging of his wife Carmen, he decided to market the“miracle” product she had discovered on a trip to their native Israel.  Carmen, a former salon owner, was so taken with the treatment she experienced in the Israeli salon that she took several bottles home with her.  The resulting condition of her long brunette hair convinced her that this product needed a global stage. With her knowledge of professional beauty products and Ofer’s business acumen, Moroccanoil was launched in 2007.

Moroccanoil products derive their restorative and shine-enhancing features from argan oil, which is an effective anti-oxidant, UV protector and vitamin-rich free radical fighter. The Tals expanded the original product into five treatment and styling products. Moroccanoil’s wildly popular reception among stylists and clients has led to the inevitable “copy cat” brands with similar sounding names.

“There is no such thing in nature as “American Oil,” “BrazilianOil,” or “Moroccan oil,” says Tal. “Moroccanoil (one word) is our trademarked name, not a generic product category. The products are made with an exclusive high-tech formula that blends traditional processes with a highly innovative manufacturing technique discovered in Israel. Imitators simply fall far shortof our products’ results and purity.”  The Tals recently won preliminary injunctions against two defendants to prevent them from selling or marketing products with similar sounding names aimed at confusing salons and clients.

“Salons have put us where we are,” says Tal who has implemented aggressive anti-diversion programs that include the hiring of a private investigator, scrupulous monitoring of internet sales and tamper-proof bar codes on all packaging to keep the products off retail shelves and in the salon.

Moroccanoil has caught the attention of Hollywood, and celebrity stylist Robert Vetica credited the products with creating his Oscar red carpet looks for Selma Hayek and Marian Cotillard.  For more information, visit Moroccanoil,com.

One of a Kind

Carmen Tal, second from left, with Debra Messing, stylist Robert Vetica and Salma Hayek at the Moroccanoil-sponsored launch party for Vetica’s book, Good to Great hair.

“Look for the bright turquoise blue label with the large copper M. it’s the only genuine Moroccanoil,” says Ofer Tal.

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