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Pivot Point Launches Designer’s Approach

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 8:11 PM

Pivot Point International, Inc., today introduced its latest and the most extensive educational program in the professional beauty industry to a enthusiastic audience of more than 250 school owners and educators in its network of schools.

Educational Solutions for Salon Relevant Training

In Designer’s Approach, cosmetology theory is explained in a visual way that is based on unified art and design concepts. Foundational concepts are applied to practical solutions and client communication strategies are incorporated throughout the program. 

The Designer’s Approach overarching course structure is based on the core of Pivot Point education: seeing, thinking, creating and adapting as a designer.

Pivot Point Designer’s Approach offers an advanced and extensive educational program through use of the latest strategies of instructional design, proven step-by-step and hands-on learning processes and salon-relevant training that goes beyond licensure-only based education.

The six key areas of learning covered in Designer’s Approach are:

1.    Cosmetology Fundamentals – contains core theory required for licensure.
2.    Sculpture – offers the possibilities of basic, advanced and men’s sculpting techniques.
3.    Texture – covers the possibilities of texture, including basic and advanced perming and relaxing.
4.    Hair Design – offers basic and advanced wet and thermal designing, as well as long hair design.
5.    Color – approaches basic and advanced color design for women and men.
6.    Salon Success – teaches life skills and professional strategies necessary to promote exceptional guest relations that lead to professional success.

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