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Expansion News from Dennis Bernard, Inc.

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 8:11 PM

Things are moving fast at Dennis Bernard, Inc. President Dennis Bernard Campanaro has announced the introduction of SGP. Style Gel Plus color hold, a new styling gel with a variable hold factor that makes it perfect for any hair type. SGP is formulated with hydrolyzed cashmere keratin for strength and condition and sunflower seed extract, rose chamomile and sage to protect hair against free radical damage and color fading. The flake-free gel can be used with a blow dryer or left to dry naturally.

"You will have total control and great conditioning with SGP no matter what your hair type is," says Campanaro.

To meet the growing demand for its educational materials, Dennis Bernard, Inc, has redesigned its web site featuring a wide range of reception area and educational books, DVDs, banners, posters and a variety of other educational materials. The site also offers company news, upcoming shows, sample requests and product specials.

Campanaro also announced an important addition to the company's distributor network. Dennis Bernard, Inc is expanding its business to Australia with the addition of Salon Haircare Supplies PYT Ltd. of Findon, Australia. 

"We are excited to welcome Michael Harris and his associates on board." says Campanaro. "Australia is still a growing market and education, which aligns with our company's mission, plays an important role in a product's success down under."

To learn more about the company, visit

Dennis Bernard, Inc. has introduced SGP Style Gel Plus , a variable hold gel that also protects hair and reduces color fading.

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