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PBA and NCA Merger: More Power to You

Stacey Soble | July 10, 2011 | 8:12 PM
In August, The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and the National Cosmetology Association (NCA)  announced the two organizations have signed an agreement to merge, effective immediately. According to leadership of both groups, the merger will “combine best practices and leverage complementary strengths, assets and member benefits to improve all sectors of the professional beauty industry.”

Over time, the proposed merger will have NCA, currently based in Chicago, join PBA’s three existing company-based membership sections in its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. This fourth “NCA” membership section will be based on NCA’s existing individual membership criteria.
Members of each group will share in the benefits the other enjoys, such as free admission to major industry events, including International Salon & Spa Expo and International Beauty Shows; special pricing on Cosmoprof North America and Symposium; and free subscriptions to various magazines.

“NCA has the largest, most diverse membership of any industry association, while PBA has phenomenal show and event properties—from Cosmoprof North America to the North American Hairstyling Awards,” says Gordon Miller, executive director of NCA.

For information on PBA, visit or call 800-468-2274. For information on NCA, visit or call 312-527-6765.

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