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Goldwell in Miami...the GTA Symposium

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 8:13 PM

Sometimes I think I am the luckiest "girl" in the world. Lately there have been some incredible incredible incredible shows…and I get to go!

Goldwell held an amazing extravaganza, the GTA Symposium, at the Doral Resort in Miami. The two day event, held to "certify" their North American color educators, kicked off with one of the best 90 minute presentations I have ever seen. Andrew Heasman and Dimitri Loizi of  "RUSH", a top educational team from London, not only showed some inspiring hair, but demonstrated their latest cuts on several models on stage. The cuts were pretty exciting (okay, VERY exciting).  Each look was accented by fresh, interesting and genuinely new haircolor by Goldwell colorists John Simpson and Thomas Dewing. Everything was fashion forward, but not crazy. All shapes and colorations were offered with more commercial interpretations. It was obvious that these 200-ish attendees have seen great hair in the past, but this still impressed.

Goldwell in Miami...the GTA Symposium
Andrew Heasman, of the Rush educational team, teaching techniques.

The designs offered were from the Rush "Switch" Collection, five distinct looks that can be "switched" around.  The VOLUME group is sexy and slightly a-symmetrical. CURLY is condensed in a triangular shape with extreme disconnection. WILD, shown on a male model, benefits from multiple lengths and is supported by serious texturizing. NATURAL is made up of graduation, layering and one length, all in one look. Finally, STRAIGHT is soft and silky and was "switched" up to a more textured, curly look.

Goldwell in Miami...the GTA Symposium    Goldwell in Miami...the GTA Symposium
Models from the Switch Collection.

Five break-out rooms were set up for rotation for the rest of seminar. These included intense cut, color and texture education as well as a room designated for "salon life.A trip to experience night life in Miami Beach was a big hit, and the costume party "award ceremony" was a great way to end the seminar.  This list of winners follows, however, I would like to point out that as far as appearance is concerned, everyone in this group IS a winner. This group of Goldwell Technical Associates really brought its "A" game to Miami. Beautifully dressed and fabulously coiffed, there wasn't a clunker in the group. Everyone looked incredibly tasteful…but with an "edge." As a whole, these Goldwell trainers made our industry proud!

Goldwell in Miami...the GTA Symposium
A group of the Goldwell award winners.

2007 Goldwell Symposium Top Award Winners         

The Gold Star Awards are presented to Goldwell's Full Time and Part Time Field Educators who go above and beyond the required amount of educational Activities in the following categories:  Detailing, Distributor Store education, In-Salon education, Prep Day, Promotional Events, Regional Shows and School Training.


Full Time Educator Gold Star Winners:

Marge Binner – Total Activities 193

Thomas McWilliams – Total Activities 193

Joann Dedman – Total Activities 175

Judy Radelat – Total Activities 172


Goldwell Technical Associate Gold Star Winners:

Daniel Brehm – Total Activities 202

Davin Dawson – Total Activities 163

Connie Cummings – Total Activities 127


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