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Color America...Naples, Florida May 2007

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 8:13 PM

      Wow…just got back from THE BEST hair color show ever!  Color America featuring Beth Minardi just wrapped up in Naples, Florida.  It was, by far, the most informative, entertaining, enlightening and powerful educational event I have ever attended in my 25 years of covering hair shows.  I'm not even a hairdresser and I'M PUMPED!!!!!  Beth and her posse of amazingly talented colorists made this high ticket ($800, not counting air, hotel, etc.) totally worth it for those attending.

Color America...Naples, Florida May 2007
Beth Minardi on stage with model.

       "Every penny," said Jennifer Wolf of the Andre David Salon in Modesto, California.  "Add up the hotel, meals, air ticket….this cost me thousands of dollars and it really was worth every single penny.  What I got out of this is priceless."  Jennifer pointed out that she arrived with high expectations, "But this has exceeded that!"

Color America...Naples, Florida May 2007
Jennifer Wolf, John Escarcega and Tanya Escobar take a break!

      "This is my second Color America," said John Escarcega  Jennifer's friend and colleague.  "It is so much more than just getting invigorated.  This gives me the tools and fundamentals to balance not just money, but life.  This will end up costing thousands of dollars, and that's the best part!" 

Color America...Naples, Florida May 2007
A finished look by Beth Minardi and team.

      Tanya Escobar of Salon Salon, also of Modesto, joined in.  "This is my second Color America.  I created a set of high goals after the first one and achieved each.  Now I am ready to challenge myself and raise the bar once again."

     At lunch I joined a mother/daughter team from Maine who felt this was the best hair event they have ever attended as well as a colorist from Arizona who was already asking how to buy a ticket for the next Color America!

Color America...Naples, Florida May 2007
The Minardi team poolside at the Ritz-Carlton.


The "formula" for this event was very simple but perfect:

Day one featured Beth, husband Carmine and their staff who created new looks for several models, offering formulations and fresh techniques.  Everything from single process to intense foil placements was covered, as well as color correction and gray coverage.

On day two, Gary Howse of the Gary Manuel Salon in Seattle presented four models that benefited from true salon applications.  Gary transformed and color corrected "real people" making his segment incredibly valuable to this room of "real colorists".

Three key speakers made this one of the most balanced color events offered.  Dr. David Cannell of L'Oreal was there to give us all info on the science and chemistry of hair color; Winn Claybaugh, author and founder of Paul Mitchell The School, spoke on the culture of the hair colorist,  and Scott Missad of the Agility Group presented on the business of the color industry.

More than 250 colorists were there to get invigorated and more.  As with any Beth Minardi event, Color America was first class all the way.  Held at the breathtaking Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, CA guests were treated to breakfast, lunch and cocktail parties.  Sponsors wisely ponied up to be part of the extravaganza.  Keune, L'Oreal Professionnel and Redken were all there.  Clairol Professional sponsored a breakfast.  The entire event was hosted by yours truly, Modern Salon Magazine, as well as the Chicago Midwest Beauty Show.

       "I'm going to make so much more money as a result of this," says Jennifer, "but that's not what its all about. Color America totally affects my attitude, not just in work, but also in my personal life.  It has boosted my confidence and self esteem.  I have re-invested in myself on so many levels."

      "This business is a passion for me," adds Tanya.  "Color America with Beth and Carmine has increased that passion – tenfold.  Hair color is paint, but Color America is paint for your brain."


all photos by Peggy Farren


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