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AG...Hot Hair At the Copa

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 8:13 PM

AG Hair Cosmetics is known for showing some of the most incredible silhouettes at their shows, and the one they threw Sunday night at the Copacabana in NYC was no exception. The AG Artistic Team, led by AG Artistic Director Jami Symons offered an assortment of looks from very wearable and salon-able to the VERY inspirational and fun to launch their "Precious Metal" Collection.

AG...Hot Hair At the Copa        AG...Hot Hair At the Copa

Twenty-seven models were displayed in 2 segments, including presentation models as well as on stage cutting.  "We're celebrating the similarities between metal and hair," says Symons.  "Metal and hair have strength, luster, brilliance and resilience.  We can change the texture of each to create dazzling, shimmering looks."  

AG...Hot Hair At the Copa        AG...Hot Hair At the Copa

More than 500 hair professionals were there to celebrate the 45 minute show, followed by dancing and fun and personal "meet and greets" with AG owners John and Lotte Davis.  The magnificient show was produced by Master Distributor Geppe Enfiomusi.   

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