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Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 8:13 PM

Any product junkies out there?  Well, I have found our “Mecca.”  I have just returned from the Cosmetic Executive Women’s special evening called The Product Demonstration.  This two-hour event is open to members to test and examine nominated products for their annual and coveted CEW Beauty Awards.   Awards are given in 33 different categories and are announced at a grand event in the spring.  Winning this award is particularly cherished because it is given by true industry insiders.  Members will spend the next several days casting their ballots.
Product Party
As a member of the press, I was allowed to enter an hour before the “member” opening.  Imagine my surprise to see more than 50 women all ready lined up to get in, willing to brave the 14 degrees and gray slush all over the sidewalk and curb from the previous nights snow.  What, I asked myself, could possibly be on the other side of this door that is so compelling to draw these well-heeled, professional executives to stand shivering in a NY arctic snap?
Product Party
Well, immediately upon entrance, the answer was in my face.   More than 620 products were set up for all the members to touch, smell, fondle, apply, etc. There was sampling right and left and some of the more than 2000 women that showed up actually had the foresight to bring oversized bags. I saw at least three roll-y suitcases!   It was a true stuff feast.  I spent the next couple of hours being sprayed, massaged and rubbed.  Some women were getting manicures while others were knocking each other over to get free boxes of Crest White Strips. I went to investigate the frenzy in the middle of the room only to find a giant candy give away.  I was appalled until I spied a tub of Charleston Chews.  I scored two.
Product Party
There were aisles of perfumes and even more of make up, lip care, skin care, creams and lotions.Oddly, there was shockingly few hair entries….but talk about quality over quantity!  Many of my favorites were there…Nexxus, Pureology, Logics, Barex, Matrix,  Aveda and Alterna just to name a few…and many of my favorite people: Guita Dovas, Angela Cosmai, Jill Christian of Kaplow Communications.  Smart, interesting beauty pros were everywhere.  A plastic surgeon eyeballed me, seeing great potential and dreaming about the trip to Bali he could take after doctoring my face.  A derm demonstrator called out to me about her cream that is great for acne “or for someone going through MENOPAUSE.”  Gee, thanks.   Could you shout that a bit louder? Today will be spent coming “down” off my beauty product high.  However, I still smell…but in a good way!  I'll post the awards when they are announced in May.

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