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Annual Redken Cut-A-Thon

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 8:13 PM

What do the following four things have in common: Barney’s One Day Sale, major film opening, celebrity book signing, Redken Cut-A-Thon. If you said “things you line up for in NYC” then you would be correct!

Annual Redken Cut-A-Thon

The Redken Cut-A-Thon has become one of Manhattan’s favorite events. New Yorkers line up around the block to get a cut and blow out by some of Redken's top artists for $30, a pittance in the Big Apple’s salon world. All money collected is then donated to a charity pre-selected by Redken. This year Redken chose to support Inspire Change, Couture for Cancer. Redken has an exclusive partnership with this non-profit organization that donates custom made non-surgical human hair replacement systems free of charge to cancer patients worldwide. Founded in 2006 by salon owner Mario Mazza, the program is designed to change the lives of cancer patients – one head at a time – by boosting their self-confidence and personal outlook after the devastating loss of their hair.

Annual Redken Cut-A-Thon

The Cut-A-Thon held last week turned out to be a win win win for all involved. Inspire Change received more than $13,000, 80 hair professionals got to do something they do so well – be generous and exercise their skills – and finally, 381 “client’s” got a great haircut and blow out for $30!

Annual Redken Cut-A-Thon

This year I brought my two daughters, Kimberly, 20, and Margot, 17. We had a fantastic time schmoozing with Chris Baran and Chris Sorbie, Ellen Lawlor, Giovanni Giuntoli. and all the other Redken super stars.  I ended up being the last client of Hanan Shauriki. Everyone pitched in. The Redken editorial team (one of the best in the salon industry) facilitated the flow, making the whole thing quite festive while still efficient. Christine Schuster, Vice President of Education, even helped out at the shampoo bowl!

Apparently there were 25 Inspire Change Cut-A-Thons being held across the country simultaneously with several more planned for the rest of the summer. I will keep you posted on how much is ultimately collected for this wonderful cause. The Redken Cut-A-Thon is truly a wonderful and generous event. I was proud to be part of it on some level. Next year I'm looking forward to participating in a new way…I've volunteered to sweep the floors!

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