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Peter Coppola at Global Beauty

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 8:14 PM

Peter Coppola was the hottest exhibitor at the Global Beauty Show which debuted this week at the Jacob Javits Center in New York.  The Boca Raton salon owner had the busiest booth where he launched Keratin Complex Hair Therapy Smoothing System by Coppola, the newest and most exciting answer to the controversial Brazilian hair straightening system.  The crowds were gathered as much to learn more about the product as they were about being in the presence of Coppola, a Home Shopping Network star.  “It’s actually kind of embarrassing,” says Coppola.  “People come up and ask to have their pictures taken with me or to sign autographs!  It’s a little shocking.”

Peter Coppola at Global Beauty 

Maggie interviews Peter Coppola in the Press Room at Global Beauty

Even more shocking was the excitement over the product ( or 888-409-4445).  Salon owners and stylists were lining up to learn more about the new service.  Models were lining up to have it done.   I had a chance to watch it in action and was truly impressed.

The Keratin Complex formula offers the same silky result with its high percentage of keratin which is infused into the cuticle.   “It’s all about the natural keratin,” says Coppola.  “We are able to achieve these results without the formaldehyde in the Brazilian product.  This is clearly safer and we get amazing results.”

 This is the way it works:  the hair is shampooed with a dedicated product.  Once dry, the complex is applied to the hair and pressed into small sections using an iron that is 450 degrees.  After processing, the client cannot shampoo her hair for 3 days.  The effects last three to five months and “wear  out” leaving no line of demarcation.  It can be used on color treated hair and works on all textures.

Peter Coppola at Global Beauty

Maggie and Peter watch Keratin Complex in action.

Maybe I’m a sucker, but it looked fantastic.  I spoke to one of the models who said her hair never looked or felt so silky.  The hair truly looked healthy, rejuvenated and conditioned.  It seems to be a real bonus to the salon as well.  The whole kit and kaboodle costs $350 for 12 services.  Peter recommends charging about $350 per application, but we already heard of one salon charging $700.

Most importantly, I felt really special to have had the chance to spend so much time with Coppola.  You would have thought the pope had set up shop at Global Beauty!  Apparently that HSN is a big deal!

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