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Wella Trend Vision '07

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 8:14 PM

Wella Trend Vision Award is one of the coolest hairdressing competitions in the beauty industry.  Barcelona, Spain is one of the coolest cities on the planet.  Put the two together and you have one of the HOTTEST events in the professional salon world.   I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!

Wella Trend Vision '07            Yes, I was there, with 2,500 other international guests.  53 countries were entered in the elaborate competition that featured some truly remarkable "looks" ranging from the most intricate color decorations to elaborate silhouettes defying gravity and nature.  It truly was exciting.  The teams (hairstylist, model and an assistant that serves as make up artist and fashion stylist) entered the ballroom carrying the flag from their home countries.  Although the color and shape is pretty much done at this point, the contestants have three hours backstage to finish up and then another 20 minutes on stage for the attendees to view the teams "in action".  There is cheering and screaming and lights flashing.  This is about as close as we could ever come to the "Olympics of Hair!"

 Wella Trend Vision '07           Although our hearts were all for the U.S. entrant, Adam Livermore from Spalon Montage in Edina, Minn, the team from Korea won the GOLD.  I must admit…it was a great look.     Young sub Kim from Juno Hair in Seoul used the Pop Culture collection as inspiration.   Although he said he was motivated by Andy Warhol and Twiggy, I saw "Austin Powers".   The hair was quite "mod" with a serious 60's touch.  Pie shaped color triangles emerged from the crown in alternating shades of breathtaking browns.  It was the color selection that was the most outstanding.  Calling them "browns" is a little unfair.  The lighter shade was the yummiest butterscotch and the deeper shade looked like highly polished mahogany planks. 

            The cut was great as well.  A disconnected length hung from the below the occipital.  All the hair above was cut in an asymmetrical bowl shape and smoothed into a sleek and shiny finish.  Although this entry seemed to lack the "crowd" popularity, it definitely moved the judges (or "jury" as the 6 international stylists were called). 

 Wella Trend Vision '07           The winner (and two runners up) gets some great prizes, including a magazine session, an opportunity to work at a show at fashion week and a special gift from Tondeo.

            For those of you interested in entering the competition next year, there are some basic rules.  Trend Vision is for young professionals (30 or younger).  The entrant must interpret the trend from that year (look on the pages of an upcoming Modern for the 2008 Trend Vision designs).  Obviously, the artist must use Wella products to create the color and finish.  In addition to the hair, the finished look includes make up, clothing and accessories.  It's all about the head to toe interpretation.  The US has yet to win, so come on!

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