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The Tabatha Tour

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 8:15 PM

Ridgewood is my home town and I decided to pop in and see Tabatha in action on her home turf.

The salon opened six years ago, is 1200 square feet and has a staff of nine all around hairdressers. She offers regular advanced training and makes sure her staff is on top of customer service and the latest and greatest in styles, techniques and products. Although I deliberately stopped in during a slow point in the day, there was a buzz, energy and happiness by the few clients there and the staff. It looked like a fun place to be.

Tabatha Giving a Tour

A Chat with Tabatha

I have been quite privileged in my twenty plus years with Modern Salon Magazine and have met some of the most unbelievably talented artists and toured some crazy impressive salons. However, in my promised "just five minutes" interview (which turned into an hour), I heard industry stories that actually gave me willies…the good kind. Tabatha is passionate about the salon world and moved by the artists she has encountered.  We discussed the genius of Vidal Sassoon and her education at the Sassoon Academy in London.  She told me great stories about the talented artist Roger Thompson about the last show by Bruno Pittini that she said was the best show she had ever seen. Each story gave me chills.

I am so glad I got to hang out with Tabatha and see her salon. I was told that she is someone I must meet because SHE ROCKS.  Well, I did and she does!

The Tabatha Tour

The Tabatha Tour

The Tabatha Tour

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