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Jan Hillenmeyer | July 10, 2011 | 8:17 PM

I want to share a fascinating conversation I just had with Mary Petillo, stylist and educator for the American Board of Certified Haircolorists. Mary was telling me about True Mirror.

Ever wonder why we all think we look great, or terrible, in photos? It’s because we are seeing ourselves as the outside world sees us—not as we see ourselves, which is through a mirror--the exact reverse of how we really look. But you knew that.

True Mirror gives us the chance to see ourselves as others see us. Mary arranged for John Walter, creator of True Mirror, to bring his mirrors to last month’s ABCH Energizing Summit in Los Angeles and, she reports that stylists and colorists were mesmerized. 

Plastic surgeons have long used a true mirror, but Walter has re-worked the concept into a table-top or wall-mounted version that contains two mirrors set at 90 degree angles to reflect a three dimensional view of our “real-life” image.

Mary reports that Summit attendees were lining up to see their reflections and the reactions ranged from very favorable to OMG!

Tom Dispenza of Chromastics invited Walter to demonstrate the mirrors in his hair color classes and Walter noted that this creative group really saw the value of True Mirror for their salons. The mirrors are expensive, but one is all that is needed in a salon to attract foot traffic.

“ I always tell my students to make their salon a destination,"  says Mary. " Promote the True Mirror and you will have people coming in to look at  themselves who may also buy a retail product or make an appointment."

We know how most clients hate to part with their long-established part.  “Now stylists can show clients how something as simple as changing their part can alter their true appearance,” Mary adds.

For total image makeovers, the mirrors are available in a full-length version.

With the melding of salon, spa, skin care and medi-spa services,True Mirror sounds like a sure bet.

And, if you want a more Zen take on it, what better way to find your true inner self?

I was intrigued—if you are, too, you can check the mirrors out at

To learn more about the American Board of Certified Haircolorists, visit

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