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Wedding Hair, Part 1

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 8:17 PM

And so it begins-the hunt for the perfect wedding hair! Yesterday, I headed to the Ruby Room on Division Street in Chicago-what a cool spot! The Ruby Room has a hip little boutique and make-up area in front and a cut and color area in the back. Upstairs, there is another boutique with healing stones, self-help books and a special area to have your aura and chakras read.  This is no ordinary salon-it's a place to restore your feeling of well-being. Did I mention there's a yoga studio?
    While I enjoyed having my aura read and checking out my chakras, I was there for the hair. Stylist Toni Scott didn't disappoint. Despite a broken hand (fracture in her pinky), she spent hours creating this elegant and detailed look.
    I told her I wanted to keep it contemporary, so she added some braids and twists for a more modern look.
    Watching Toni work was similar to watching an architect design a building. She structured everything so it would be balanced, but unique and interesting. I loved the elegant end result! Ever the professional, Toni also educated me on the Bumble and bumble products she used to create my style. I was particularly intrigued with the Brown Hair Powder she used to add texture as she backcombed. It comes in blonde and red shades, too (!
    And to finish my look, she gave me a great smokey eye with deep purples and charcoal greys-gorgeous!
    We'll be posting video with Toni describing everything she did and more photos online and in the next issue of MODERN.
    For my next style, I'll be starting with my natural texture (very curly). Should be a wild ride!
Wedding Hair, Part 1

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