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Fighting a Good Fight

Jan Hillenmeyer | July 10, 2011 | 8:18 PM

Next month is October--Breast Cancer Awareness month. We see the pink ribbons everywhere-and an amazing array of pink products (I'm sure there is a pink chain saw out there someplace). As wonderful and awe-inspiring as this marvelous national effort is, there are other diseases that also need our attention.

Ovarian cancer is a sneaky, insidious disease that is most often diagnosed too late for life saving treatment. Pureology Serious Colour Care has been a leader in raising awareness and funds to fight this killer. The company is the exclusive hair care and styling sponsor of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) and recently enlisted the help of some of its top salon customers to help in the fight.

I was excited to hear from Pureology that two fantastic salons from the town where I live, Naperville, Illinois, recently got on the NOCC bandwagon to help support Pureology's cause.  The Frank Gironda Salon and Day Spa engaged in a friendly throw down with competitor and fellow Pureology customer, Zano Salons.   Both are high profile salons in the area. Salon Founder Frank Gironda is poised to become the next president of Cosmetologists Chicago and Zano's gorgeous day spa is a Naperville destination that I have recommended to one and all. For a nine-week contest period, the two businesses competed in ramping up their Pureology sales. Both were successful and both donated $1,000 from contest proceeds.

Chris Damolaris, president of Frank Gironda Salon and Day Spa, had this to say. "We're competing businesses, but we were thrilled to come together for a cause and make a difference. We want to bring awareness to the NOCC and who better to do that than stylists who spend their days chatting with and beautifying their clients."

Pureology's flagship West Coast salon, Byu-ti Salon in Santa Monica, California held a one-day fundraiser on Sunday September 20 for NOCC. For a $25 donation, clients and lots of passers-by, received a haircut and then stayed on at the salon for a reception party with catered drinks and desserts. On top of that, guests left the salon with a NOCC/Pureology goody bag with a travel size of Pureology's fabulous new Essential Repair shampoo and conditioner and a teal colored bandana. The salon raised $1,250 and had crowds lining up outside the door. It looked more like a red carpet event than a line for haircuts. You can't beat that for good business PR and the chance to contribute to a great cause.

If you'd like to learn more about Pureology's involvement in the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, and how your salon can help, visit

Fighting a Good Fight

Staffers from the Frank Gironda Salon and Spa and from Zano Salons and Spa, both in Naperville, Illinois, joined together to raise funds, through the sale of Pureology products, for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

Fighting a Good Fight

It was a mad house at Byu-ti Salon in Santa Monica, California as stylists performed haircuts for NOCC.

 Fighting a Good Fight
Word spread and would-be clients lined up out the door and down the street for at Byu-ti Salon's charity hair cut event.

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