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Oribe's Best Day

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 8:19 PM
Jack Panico, owner of the Panico salons of Northern, New Jersey, decided to add the new Oribe Hair Care line of products to his retail offerings and back bar mix. Instead of a simple press release, Panico decided to introduce the line in a BIG way.

Oribe himself, the famed, humble, talented hairartist took a break from his celebrity clientele and photo session/fashion show schedule to participate.

The evening ended with a star studded, client filled, press ridden party to celebrate the introduction. More than 350 showed up to meet, greet and honor Oribe and the Panico team.

Maggie says, "Oribe snuck outside with me for just a bit and I had an opportunity to ask him about a special moment in his career…."

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