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Pretty in Politics

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 8:19 PM
These days, no matter where I turn it seems like I’m running into election coverage. I guess that’s to be expected this time of year, especially when we have such an eclectic group of candidates.

This week, my dad sent me an article from the New York Times he thought would be of particular interest—it’s about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s salon she regularly visits in Wasilla, Alaska—the Beehive Beauty Shop.  

In the article, the owner of the salon, Jessica J. Steele, details the governor’s visits over the years and how they’ve worked together to polish her look as she’s moved from PTA member to mayor to governor.

Steele spilled the details of her consultations with Palin, including specifics about her color and updo styles. Steele’s salon is a small one, but she did a great job representing the beauty industry.

The beauty industry has also come to the forefront of the democratic campaign. Michelle Obama’s style has been closely watched, and this month, she was even featured on the cover of More magazine.

Voters are watching candidates and their wives closely. In our celebrity-influenced culture, we have a society that puts a lot of stock in image. Beauty professionals are playing a larger role than ever in creating these images. Think about that the next time the president of the PTA is sitting in your chair or a high-powered lawyer. You help contribute to her success! Now that’s what I call real power!

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