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Place Perfect by Joe Santy

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 8:39 PM
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Joe Santy, Vice President of Education for Dennis Bernard Inc., and AJ Sbaraglia, Solution Specialist educator and owner of Reputations Hair Salon in South Philadelphia, work together on cut and color to get the most flattering result.
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Color: Matrix Color Sync, V-Light, Logics TCA, The Color Accelerator Products: Smart Solutions DCS, Dual-Action Crème shampoo and conditioner Smart Solutions SGP, Style Gel Plus Smart Solutions TCP, Texture Control Paste
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AJ Sbaraglia, Solution Specialist educator and owner of Reputations Hair Salon in South Philadelphia, put Dennis Bernard’s TCA (The Color Accelerator) to use on this model. “This is the best product,” he says. “I use it in just about every color service. Not only does it speed up the processing, but it keeps the color from fading and leaves the hair in much better condition.” Visit for more information.
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Begin with the color at the nape. Apply from roots to ends in a one-inch parting, using formula one: Equal parts Color Sync 5MM and 6R and equal parts activator. Cover with foil and process to manufacturer’s instructions.
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Bring down the next one-inch parting and apply the lightener: Equal parts V-Light and 20-volume developer. Apply from roots to ends and process to manufacturer’s instructions.
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Baliage formula one within each section, alternating up to the crown.
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Along the parietal, replace formula one with formula two: 7MM and 7R (blonde warm mocha). Blend along the sides in vertical sections.
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Take a halo section over the crown from behind the ear. Alternate formula two and lightener in vertical sections.
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Continue to baliage with formula two in each section.
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In the front, take sliced panels in one-inch sections and alternate lightener with formula three: 9MM and 8RC with activator (light warm mocha).
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Process according to manufacturer’s instructions; then shampoo and condition.
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Glaze with Logics 6R with Red Booster and 5-volume developer. Process 10 minutes at room temperature. Shampoo and condition.
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To cut, comb the hair as it is to be worn. Begin the cut in front of the ear. Hold out vertical sections and cut to follow the shape, leaving one side shorter.
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Go around the ear, cutting against the skin, being precise around hairline.
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Lift out below the occipital and blend down the back to the nape, cutting to follow the shape of the head.
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Along the occipital, pull out and chip into the ends.
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Comb hair as it is to be worn and chip into the fringe, cutting to the desired length.
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Now lift up along the parting and chip into the sections. Cut from a traveling guide, getting progressively longer.
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Comb as the hair is to be worn and slide cut along the fringe.
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Apply gel and blow dry.
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Finish with an iron.
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Tools: Product Club foils and gloves Hana Professional flatiron Cricket Q Zone by Centrix blowdryer Denman brushes Jatai 6.5K Feather shears Nails/Make-up: Marini Mascara Revitalash French Manicure by OPI
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Joe Santy and AJ Sbaraglia NOTE: Sbaraglia used 13 drops of TCA per two ounces of color in Color Sync and V-Light only. TCA is used to speed up the coloring process when using heat. In this case, color was processed according to manufacturer’s instructions and TCA was used for conditioning and fade prevention.
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