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The Benefits of Clinícure

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 8:39 PM

Joico's Clinícure Thinning Hair Solutions line offers salon clients ammunition against thinning hair and hair loss. We asked Brad O'Brien, Clinícure and Re:nu brand manager what salons need to know about this latest technology breakthrough.

The Benefits of Clinícure

What is the main difference between the Clinícure line and its competitors?
BO: With four easy three-step regimens, Clinícure is simple to use, and simple to recommend to salon clients!

MS: Who is the optimal client to recommend Clinícure to?
BO: Men, women-really anyone at any age who is concerned with thinning hair should be using Clinícure. Clients who are interested in botanical products will be especially excited about it.

MS: What approach should stylists use when retailing the line?
BO: A stylist is one of the only people who can speak honestly and directly about his/her clients' hair, including its challenges and how it might be changing over time. Clinícure recommendations should be made from a compassionate point of view and with confidence.

MS: Why did you choose botanical ingredients for this line?
BO: Our research showed that carefully blended botanicals complement advanced hair care science in bringing to market the most effective solutions for thinning hair. It was important to create a line that was both botanical and effective.

MS: For a client with thinning hair, how long do they have to use the line before seeing results?
BO: According to our independent clinical study, 85 percent of clients using Clinícure saw results in just one week.

MS: How is it being rolled out to salons?
BO: Clinícure is available to all US salons through Joico's distributor partners. With a $99.95 salon intro deal, a salon new to Clinícure can have a full retail line-up, a complete back bar set, and accessibly priced Trial Rxs, which are an economical way to introduce clients to Clinícure.

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