Artifacts by Luis Alvarez and Liza Espinoza

Jan Hillenmeyer | July 10, 2011 | 8:41 PM
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Imagine a time when updos weren’t enough--headdresses were the symbol of authority and power. In ancient Egypt, ornate headdresses were reserved for royalty. The wealthier the person, the more magnificent the ringlets. This concept inspired Liza Espinoza and photographer Luis Alvarez’ to create the Artifacts collection.
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Espinoza and Alvarez challenge all salon professionals to push themselves to creative extremes for practical purposes, and to showcase their artistic creations for clients to see. “You’ll establish a loyal following for dresswork and build confidence in your skills,” says Alvarez. “Although your client may want a simple updo for a special occasion, she’ll know she is in the hands of an expert hairdresser.”
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