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Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 8:42 PM

I'm in Berlin with the whole crew from Wella and their 2,000 guests from 60 different countries. We're here not just soaking up some culture and history, but watching the fantastic TREND VISION competition (more about that in a later blog). I am one of 120 members of the international press, invited here to enjoy the competition and learn more about new products and trends.

Today was particularly exciting because we met with Wella Global Creative Directors Josh Wood (color) and Eugene Souleiman (care and styling). The duo introduced us to the four trends they believe will not only inspire salon professionals for 2010, but will excite clients and ultimately build business in the salon.

The four trends (pictured here the Haute Couture….or more extreme looks) really show a great range in both shape and color. In their softer, more commercial versions, will work on just about any client.

Trend Introductions
TECHNO POETRY: This look is all about modern innocence and urban living. It's a celebration of the modern blonde with fluid lines and a reflective surface. Says Josh Wood "It's Alice in Wonderland meets 21st century."

Trend Introductions
MIDNIGHT STAGE: The look from this trend is young, exciting, sexy and burlesque. It's a very irreverent look and designed for the confident client who realizes her life is a stage. "The color looks like it was lit in a nightclub," says Josh Wood.

Trend Introductions
NOMAD COUTURE: It's all elegant and speaking in a universal language… global fusion and old couture glamour. This look is designed for the client that travels and benefits from eclectic cultural influences. According to Eugene Soulieman, "I drew inspiration from lots and lots of traveling for this look, especially around the Far East."

Trend Introductions
NATURE'S GODDESS: feminine, seductive silhouettes with fairytale glamour. This woman is confident and assertive and is inspired by nature. This hair is flowing and moves. "This is about strong, sexy women who have the confidence to relax with carefree, textured lock," says Eugene Souleiman.

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