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Lunatic Fringe, I Know You're Out There

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 8:43 PM

Hairdo's Salon Straight Clip-In Bangs from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves look gorgeous on Jessica, but can others pull them off?

When the MODERN offices received a package containing Hairdo’s clip-in bang extensions, we were all so excited!

For those who didn’t have bangs, here was the perfect chance to experiment with the look without the commitment of chopping hair into a full fringe. For those of us who have bangs, we got to play around with different lengths and partings. We had such a fun time!

Later that evening, I brought the bangs into beauty school and everyone wanted to try them on, even Alex!

Lunatic Fringe, I Know You're Out ThereLunatic Fringe, I Know You're Out There
Lunatic Fringe, I Know You're Out ThereLunatic Fringe, I Know You're Out There

The extension piece has three pressure-sensitive clips that are sewn into the weft base, one clip at the apex, and one on each side of the hairline above the temple. And it really stays put! Plus, the five-inch-long bangs have 9 ½-inch face framing sides that blend into the hair and gives a realistic look.

OK, OK, so not everyone looks good with a full fringe (we can’t all be as cute as Alex, haha). But that’s what makes these extensions such a fantastic tool to have in the salon, not only as a retail item, but as a way for clients to see what they’d look like if they had the guts to cut it off. And, if they do choose to cut it off, that’s more money in your pocket, more visits into the salon and more opportunities to boost retail sales and add-on services.

Honestly, I’ve never spent more time in the salon than when I have bangs. I have to go in just about every ten days for a trim. And, while I’m there, I always stop by the retail section to see what new products and tools they have, I always check out the new promotions and mini services (mini facial, mini massage, mini mani/pedi). Without the full fringe, I’d only be coming in once every three to four months.

Stock up your salon station with multiple shades of Hairdo’s extensions, and let your clients play! If they like the look enough, maybe they’ll commit and chop into that fringe! Which means more money for you, increased retention rates and maybe even an increase in retail sales and add-on services.

With a $29 suggested retail price, it’ll “give your clients more vavoom and you more cha-ching.”
Lunatic Fringe, I Know You're Out There

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