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True or False Vid: Music by Bishop Allen, Hair by Rose Renda

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 8:43 PM
It’s been quite a year for Rose Renda, owner of the Second Glance Salon in Edison, New Jersey. Within the past year she has earned a Modern Salon cover, won the totally fabulous Pravana contest, did all the hair for a movie (more about that in a later blog) and created stunning looks for dozens of brides and their parties just about every weekend.

My FAVORITE Renda endeavor, though, is the hair she did for the very cool music video TRUE OR FALSE by the indie band Bishop Allen. Renda received the offer to do the hair just two days before the filming, but was still able to assemble a mini crew of assistants and make up artists, and was able to enlist the help of friend Salvatore Minardi (owner of the Salvatore Minardi Salon in Madison, NJ) to come in and take on a couple of the looks. (Choreographer/dancer Andrea Delmonico and sister/dancer Nicole came "hair ready" courtesy stylist Keila Sone).

While the results for the sixties styles “do’s” turned out to be fantastic, Renda had to deal with some 2009 challenges. “One of the models had a head full of dreads,” says Renda of one of the 7 go-go dancers in the video. “I used her dreads to create a foundation for the rest of the hair.” On top of that, Renda had to work “in the teeniest, tiniest space you can imagine…not to mention the dim lighting and weak electrical power.” But Renda and team had learned from her multiple on-site bookings that “you must really prepare for almost anything.”

The day started at 6 a.m. and ended by 3 p.m. after multiple “takes” in a petite NYC theater featuring temperatures reaching well into the 90’s. While the hair began to droop after the 100th take, it was shocking not just how well the silhouettes held up, but how much everyone still liked the song!

“I want to thank Salvatore Minardi and my assistants Erin Condron and Katelyn Padden,” says Renda. “It was a great experience for all of us and we had fun creating a nice selection of 60’s looks.”

FYI…full disclosure again…my daughter MARGOT is the dancer with the big high ponytail. She had a blast…loved her hair, loves the video and LOVES the song.

Renda and the band would be thrilled if you had something wonderful to say about the hair and video on both the MODERN site and of course on YOUTUBE!!!!!! GO ROSE!!!!!

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