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The Colour Organizer

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 8:44 PM

Joshua Boos decided he needed to “tame the beast” in the backroom of his Moxie Salon and Beauty Hub salon in Beacon, New York. While he does not consider himself an “inventor” necessarily, he has designed things to make life easier in the salon.

His latest design, created just last month, is called THE COLOUR ORGANIZER, a system that Boos says keeps all the color and color items in the dispensary in one place. “Used tubes, unused tubes, bottles…all of it! Keeping it all together in itself is a major help.”

Boos, a stylist for more than 17 years admits to having worked among mass chaos in every dispensary in all the 11 salons he has worked in…including 2 of his own!

“Being a business owner, I know what it's like to see 4 of the same color tubes opened…all while a colorist is opening up a new one. It's really an unbelievable sight... especially, when you catch yourself doing it as well!”

After finding himself constantly doing the same thing that he reprimanded his staff for doing, “I knew that I had to do something about this persistent problem. It wasn't only mass confusion, but it was severely interfering with my bottom-line.”

Boos started to search for something to accommodate his needs, but found nothing to work…until he tinkered around and created his own.

The Colour Organizer

The Colour Organizer

The Colour Organizer

The Colour Organizer

According to Boos, the organizer “doesn't dictate the size of the salon's needs, the salon dictates the needs. Also, with the lip in the front, it's able to keep the colors easily accessible and within reach. Tubes do not get knocked over. It’s made so much sense in my salon.” For more info about the COLOUR ORGANIZER, go to

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