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A Simple Philanthropic Idea

Stacey Soble | July 10, 2011 | 8:46 PM
In Wasilla, Alaska, owner Jennifer Camer organizes a simple philanthropic activity that helps clients and staff get in the holiday spirit while bringing joy to local disadvantaged youth. Each year, Camer’s Selah Salon and Health Spa ( receives gift tags from the Salvation Army. Each tag lists the name and age of a child, as well as the child’s gift request.

Camer trims the salon’s Angel Tree with the tags and invites guests and staff to take a tag and fulfill the request. The gifts are bought and placed under the tree to be collected by Salvation Army just before the holiday.

“Last year, we took about 25 tags for girls and 25 for boys, and we gave clients who purchased gifts a 15-percent discount on products,” she says. “This year, instead of the discount, we are pledging to match the number of donated gifts.”

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