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Dying for Demis

Modern Salon | July 10, 2011 | 8:46 PM

Do your clients understand the difference between a demipermanent and permanent color? Have you educated them on the different results they can achieve with looks and coverage?

While a demi is great for a color-shy client, permanent color can achieve more dramatic change and better gray coverage for clients with more than 50- percent gray. However, demis still tend to be the most popular variety among clients.

Dying for DemisWella Professionals recently surveyed women to discover why they love their demis. Check out the results: Do you recognize your clients in the findings?

  • 40% of women want multi-tonal color-easily achieved with demipermanent color because the hair's natural tones shine through.
  • 60% of women find regrowth to be unacceptable-demipermanent color creates a softer line of demarcation.
  • 37% of women stop coloring hair because of damage concerns-Wella Professionals Color Touch Demi-Permanent hair color contains no ammonia and less peroxide, so it's gentler on hair. 

And here's what Wella's expert has to say about the new and improved Color Touch with Light2Color Complex:

"I've found that many of my clients are looking to enhance their natural color or refresh their look without too much maintenance," says , NYC salon owner and spokesperson for Wella Professionals. "Color Touch is my go-to product in the salon because it provides dimension with translucency and reflects light for incredible shine!"

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