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Chestnut Gloss by Eva Scrivo

Modern Salon | July 10, 2011 | 8:46 PM
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Wella Professional Master Colorist Eva Scrivo loves luscious, rich color this season. Here, she gives a model a warm brunette shade created with multiple hues for added depth and dimension. Mixing up different formulas and volumes of developers allows Scrivo maximum creativity. “It is a wonderful range of brightness offering different tonal values and warmth in the hair,” she says. “This creates subtle variations without having to reformulate.”
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“This season I love making brown interesting and gorgeous,” says Wella Professional Master Colorist Eva Scrivo says. “It’s all about shine, multidimensional color and a luscious finish.” To achieve these different hues, Scrivo not only utilizes different formulas, she likes to mix up the volume of developers.
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Photography: Roberto Ligresti Hair: Eva Scrivo, assisted by Meghan Baldwin Make-up: Nisa, Fashion Styling: Ty-Ron Mayes Red dress by Donna Karan, Silver dress by Versace Model: Gierdre of APM Models
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Before: Our natural Level-6 model has over-processed, bleached highlights lifted to a level 8/9. The goal is to bring the color to a rich brown with a palette of cognac and chocolate.
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Fill the hair: Apply Color Touch 7/73 and 8/3 (to make a light golden brown) with its own 6-volume developer. Using brush and bowl, apply from off roots to ends in 1/2-inch horizontal sections.
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Continue up to the top and front, massaging the color into each section to help the gold pigment come back to the hair. Process for 20 minutes and rinse with Performance Plus. Towel dry 50 percent.
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Section the hair creating a Mohawk and three sections on either side of the head. Goal is to maintain some light golden highlights around face while adding three different shades of milk chocolate, rich espresso and dark golden blonde throughout. Start in front of ear using 9/36 (golden blonde) with 13-volume developer. Continue on each side of temple applying color from roots to ends.
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In the second side section apply 7/73 (golden light brown) with 6-volume developer from roots to end. Continue to massage the color into each section.
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In sections five and six (back sections), apply 4/77 (rich warm chocolate) with 13-volume developer.
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Along the Mohawk, apply 5/73 (golden milk chocolate) with 13 volume.
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Process for 20 minutes and rinse with Performance Plus.
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Trim away the ends. Hold vertical sections up and point cut into the ends to leave soft layering.
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Blow dry hair over a round brush for a smooth finish.
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PRODUCTS: Color: Wella Color Touch Shampoo: Wella Performance Plus Conditioner: Wella System Professional Luminous Mask Blower: Mega Turbo Shears: Nic 8 inch Comb: Denman Brush: Rubin flair Hairspray: Wella System Professional Ultimation Nail Color: Express On nails for KISS with OPI nail color
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