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The Year in Hair

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 8:47 PM

It's December and you know what that means … it's time to take stock of the past year. Everyone from Barbara Walters to Oprah is analyzing 2009 and the events and personalities that made it unique.

Don't worry, I'm not about to tackle world issues and historic events. I'm here to analyze the hair that made 2009 special. As someone who spent a lot of time thinking about, styling and taking photos of her hair in 2009 (hey, you only get married once, right?), I now have a new sympathy for the celebrities, politicians and other public figures who are always in the spotlight and constant targets for criticism.

Below is my top ten list of celebrities whose hair made an impact in 2009. Look to these celebs to continue to set trends well into 2010. Who do you think should make my list? Comment below!
*Note: These are in no particular order.

1. Michelle Obama: The Class Act
She's graced the covers of fashion magazines, wowed the world with her wardrobe and dazzles with her smile. But most importantly, Mrs. Obama always shows up with great hair, giving the African-American community a gorgeous new "hair" role model.
For clients: No matter what your clients' ethnicity, Michelle Obama's style is one to emulate. Use her silhouette on clients looking for a more professional, elegant look.
The Year in Hair

2. Farrah Fawcett: The Icon
When Farrah Fawcett passed away this year, thousands of men pulled out their old Farrah-in-a-red-bathing-suit posters and remembered Farrah as the classic blonde, blue-eyed American beauty. Thousands of women pulled out old photos of themselves from the seventies and mourned their lack of style and the loss of one of our best-ever hair icons.
For clients: A toned-down version of Farrah's feathered 'do is a wearable, fun party style for your younger, trendy clients.
The Year in Hair

3. Kate Gosselin: The Mistake
This reality TV star's hair has stylists everywhere scratching their heads in bewilderment. Short hair can be stylish, trendy and flattering. Kate's giant swoop bang combined with strange spikes at the crown and an asymmetrical shape is quite the opposite.
For clients: After all of those Gosselin-mocking wigs sold at Halloween this year, you shouldn't have the problem of clients demanding this style. However, encourage clients to go short by showing them styles that are chic and easy to maintain.
The Year in Hair

4. Cast of Gossip Girl: The Trendsetters
The fashionistas masquerading as high school students on this hip, urban show are bringing the headband back with a bang. These girls know how to accessorize and teens across the country are paying attention.
For clients: Start stocking uber cute headbands moms can buy for gifts and teens can blow their babysitting money on.
The Year in Hair

5. Taylor Swift: The Sweetheart
The giant blonde Barbie-doll curls that sprout from this country star's head are what every woman has dreamt of at some point in her life. Volume, curl and gorgeous color-her hair is the picture of shine and health.
For clients: Get out your giant rollers and go to work. Taylor doesn't achieve that look by rolling out of bed in the morning and neither will your clients. Show your guests that with the right stylist, any look can be achieved!

6. Robert Pattison: The Sex Symbol
Whoever thought the disheveled look would send women swooning on the streets? When the world's sexiest vampire is wearing it, it works. In fact, the messed-up, long, spikey look has become Pattison's trademark.
For clients: Tread lightly with your young male clients. It's definitely not cool to ask for a fictional vampire's hair cut. However, it is cool to just happen to have hair that looks like Pattison's. Make sure you retail him all the right products to get the job done.
The Year in Hair

7. Dana Delaney: The Cougar
"Dana who?" If you've been tuning into Desperate Housewives this season, you know her as the evil Katherine. If you haven't, take a look at this Baby Boomer's luscious locks. Her mane of auburn hair proves you can be over 50 and still wear long, voluminous locks in a classic way.
For clients: Encourage your mature clients to brighten up dull brown with a little red. Then give them some volume for a sexier, trendier look for a change. Just because you're a soccer mom doesn't mean you have to wear your hair in a bob!
The Year in Hair

8. Drew Barrymore: The Chameleon
If you are looking for exciting hair color, turn to Drew. She has worn every shade under the sun and most recently, had the bottom few inches of her bright blonde bob dyed black.
For clients: Some women feel intimidated by a major color change. Pull out a few photos of Drew as a blonde, brunette and redhead to let these clients know it can be done and look good!
The Year in Hair

9. Megan Fox: The Brunette
She's sexy, gorgeous and brunette. Fox's deep, deep chocolate strands have men everywhere salivating. Who says blondes have more fun?
For clients: Highlights, highlights, highlights. That's all clients ever want, right? Introduce them to lowlighting and the beauty of browns. Just don't do a single process-make it as natural as possible.

10. Susan Boyle: The Makeover
If ever there was a woman in desperate need of a makeover, it was Susan Boyle, star of a British talent search show. After some expert eyebrow, a wardrobe intervention and some major mane taming, Boyle is a looking lovely and breaking records on the charts with her new CD.
For clients: There's no such thing as a lost cause. Any client can look great with your expert help!

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