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'80s Wild Hair

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 8:47 PM

My friend Angela was throwing a big '80s party for her birthday bash-and, like the rest of the world, the very first thing that comes to mind when I hear '80s is, duh, big hair!! The problem was that I had just gotten a Keratin texture-reduction service, and my hair was perfectly straight-completely lacking any '80s features. Which, of course, is wonderful, unless you're going to an '80s party.

'80s Wild HairSo, I was sitting on the floor of my bedroom in front of my mirror, curling my hair with a curling iron-but the iron just wasn't cutting it! It was definitely curly, but it was too pretty-I wanted big, crazy, perm-y curls!

So, I grabbed the new EPS flatiron by FHI Heat and thought about re-straightening my hair and just teasing it really big. But once I started playing around with it, I ended up having so much fun! I took a section of hair and wrapped it around my middle and pointer fingers like a loop. I slid my fingers out of the loop and closed the flatiron around the loop and pressed it until it was hot (about three to four seconds). When I released the press, a big spiral curl dropped out! Awesome!
'80s Wild Hair
However, it was still a little too pretty for the '80s look I was trying to achieve. So I took three-strand braids at every other section and glided my flatiron over it, and it made it look all crimpy once I unbraided it! So I was left with big spirals, loose waves and tight crimps in the back.

The iron is really amazing. It's the new EPS series of FHI Heat's professional styling tools. It has a super-sleek matte silver finish, heats up to 450°F in seconds, and it feels like it's conditioning and shining the hair as it works.

I tossed on some super-blue eye shadow and leg warmers and I was good to go! Please, if you have any fun tips on creating looks (special occasion, costume party, etc.), share with me! I'm always looking to learn from the masters.

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