Electromotive by Leah White

Jan Hillenmeyer | July 10, 2011 | 8:48 PM
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Geometric shapes and varied textures never loose appeal. In the Electromotive collection, Australia’s Leah White uses both--incorporating the ramped up wattage of spring 2010 runway make-up and an homage to 1980s-era pop singer Grace Jones' iconic flat top hair style. Afro Electro: Grace Jones’ flat top goes to the next level with hyped-up height and electric pink eye make-up.
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Geo Electric: A strong, short cut gets a shock of texture.
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Aqua Electro: A smooth, full shape is finished with whimsical shoulder-brushing wisps.
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Hetro Electric: A thoroughly modern guy embraces soft and natural retro curls.
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Neo Electric: The classic bob offers endless permutations—here texture and exaggerated width take the style into 2010.
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Electro Love: Inspired by upbeat dance music, White pumps up a balanced, precise and full-fringed cut. Make-up: Sarah Laidlaw Photography: Peter Tabor Photo styling: Perspective Clothing and Spunky Bruiser
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