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Jan Hillenmeyer | July 10, 2011 | 8:48 PM

In any profession, the surest road to success and advancement is continuing education. Lifelong Learning, as it is often referred to, is a philosophy that keeps individuals in constant pursuit of new technology, research and trends in a chosen field.

If you are not familiar with Modern Salon Learning, a division of Modern Salon Media, you really must check it out. It's online education that is available whenever you are—at home or in the salon. It covers a huge range of cut, color and styling education that is easy to access, will keep you up-to-date and, in some states, will earn you continuing education credits.  

We recently compiled a list of the online classes that were the most popular in 2009. Here's an overview of these courses and links so you can check them out for yourself.

This is the time of year when we all make resolutions. Unfortunately, many are never realized, but resolving to advance your education is a goal that should be a given every year.

Make your go-to site for 2010 whether you are a beginning, intermediate or advanced learner. Visit one or all of the below courses to get inspired.

ROUNDABOUT: This is a versatile style utilizes a cutting technique that pivots from the crown to reduce weight and enhance movement. You will learn the ins and outs of free hand point cutting to create shape around the face with soft, flattering lines.
Live and Learn

This course examines several techniques for achieving a dramatic style that uses a variety of sections and elevations for a classic line that works for all clients regardless of the degree of glam they are looking for.

Live and Learn
Glammed-Up Overhang

This color technique uses three color levels to create a “headband” of color with a level 4 applied to the back of the head and at the hairline, and two panels of color on the sides-- a thin panel of Level 7 intense copper red and a wider panel of level 6 violet. The panels are reversed on the opposite side for overall dimensional color.

Live and Learn
Irish Sunset

This class teaches you how to get a perfectly layered and texturized look in a complete cutting course combining interior and exterior surfaces and horizontal and vertical elevations. Point cutting increases texture and movement and finish up by learning how to create the popular square fringe.
Live and Learn
Structured Attitude

Boost your blonding powers with this hair coloring lesson that uses finely sliced foiling sections to add a dimensional look to a classic bob. The technique uses applications of opposing colors on different areas of the same section for a bold look that increases the appearance of volume and texture for styling versatility.

Live and Learn
Ve'ed Up

Learn how to create multi-tonal blonding effects working around the head in pie sections. Alternating applications of three color levels—light, medium and dark-- creates various depths of color, including high lights and low lights, without using foils. (See Tranquil Dimension photo)

This lesson examines the use of angles and finger positions used in cutting the hair in both the interior and exterior areas. The use of free hand personalization is key to this style. Subtle disconnection accentuates the strong shapes of the cut. The style can be made more commercial when finished with a blow dryer.

Live and Learn
Riotous Cavalier

This color lesson focuses on the use of deeper shades applied in complementary tonal panels for a shiny, glassy gloss. Foils are places around the sides and back of the head. Learn how to apply two or more tones to sections while leaving roots exposed.

Live and Learn
Rich Chocolate

Master a dramatic yet commercial color look with panels of bold color and V shaped sections that accentuate the front of the head with finely weaved slices of color. The remainder of the hair receives a copper gold level 4 shade and the application of a level 8 copper gold toner completes the look.

Live and Learn
Indian Bronze

Precise styling and classic lines yield a style that uses a combination of angles and cutting perimeters throughout the interior and exterior. Learn how a variety of cutting lines and disconnections create a dimensional, thoroughly modern cut.

Live and Learn
Tranquil Dimension

Did we get your interest?? Good. Now put modern salon learning's online courses on your must-have list for the coming year.

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