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Glam Makeover by Baker

Modern Salon | July 10, 2011 | 8:49 PM
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Hair: Baker, Creative Director of Neill Family of Businesses and the Paris Parker Creative Team; Lauren Eiermann, Jami Eastin, Paul Eastin Make-Up: Sasha Ahart, make-up director of Paris Parker Salons Fashion Styling: Matthew Arthur (all home designed fashion) Photography: Stephen Wolter
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Isolate the top.
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Begin the cut in front of the temple area. Take a vertical section and pull straight out. Cut to finger length.
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Continue section all the way around the head all along the rounds of the head.
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Below the rounds, pull along nape, cut to connect the nape to the length along the rounds.
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Along the face frame, direct forward to temple and point cut into the ends to leave a soft face frame.
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For color, create a triangle section slightly off center from behind fringe to crown. Pre-lighten everything outside of triangle with enlightener with 10 volume.
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Cover the pre-lightened area and apply Aveda Intense 3RV with 10 volume and place in foil.
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In foils, isolate several selected sections to retain base color. Continue to lift the rest of the hair.
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Create a halo section over the crown. Add the orange color (customize to client’s taste) below the occipital. Apply the shade from roots to ends in most areas.
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In some sections the orange will go from roots to midlengths. All short hair is colored orange. Cover and protect with foil.
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Continue through to the top placing the orange on pre-lightened hair only. At the fringe, apply the orange to the pre-lightened area at the root.
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Direct the fringe forward and apply the customized intense plum to the unlightened area.
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“Color melt” the customized purple to the ends in selected foils on the longer side. Process for 15 minutes, shampoo and condition.
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Refine the cut on dry hair. Begin on the side. Pull out with a comb and point cut to cross check.
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At crown lift up and point cut to the desired length.
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At the nape, comb the hair as it is to be worn. Point cut an inverted U to create softness and then blend the nape into the crown.
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At the side, allow the hair to fall forward. Remove length at the nape, leaving isolated pieces.
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Along the top, direct forward and slide cut to remove bulk.
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Lift up hair from the Mohawk section. Direct forward and slide cut to leave length forward.
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Along the sides, lift up horizontal sections and remove select sections of the black hair.
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At the fringe direct the hair forward and cut to the desired length, straight across and then remove select longer, darker pieces.
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