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The Hair Color Assistant Clip

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 8:50 PM

We have yet to meet a stylist or colorist who couldn't use an extra set of hands at some point on a busy day in the salon. While he can't send some staff, Denis DaSilva, inventor and salon professional, has created another amazing tool designed to ease the life of a colorist and to make services more efficient.

The Hair Color Assistant ClipThe Hair Color Assistant Clip is so incredibly simple and functional it's a wonder no one came up with it sooner!

The Assistant Clip quickly and easily holds hair where you want it-without tangles. Its beauty is its simplicity of design: Part of the clip holds one section of hair, the other part with bristles holds another section.

"The inspiration for the Assistant Clip came from the same exact motivating factor as the Deva Fuser I designed," says DaSilva, creator and co-owner of DevaConcepts and Devachan Salons and Deva Spa. "I wanted to make things easier and more effective. In one of those typical moments where the regular old clips I was using for cutting, styling and coloring was slipping out of the hair during a hair cut and wasn't effectively holding the hair in the first place, I made the decision to create a solution. It takes a moment of inspiration like that and then two years or more of development, patents and development money and I keep plugging away until I feel I have made an improvement."

It's a bargain … just 9.90!

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