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Which celebrities have the best curly hair styles?

July 10, 2011 | 8:50 PM

Which red-carpet and runway regulars are stepping up as texture role models this season? An informal poll of salon pros reveals that these stars sport the most-requested looks from texture-loving clients.

Taylor Swift

Not only has this teen cutie made off with a mantel-full of music awards, her vertical curls have set off an avalanche of longing for similar shapes among ‘tweens, teens and twenty-somethings. To create Taylor's bouncy locks, says Pureology PureArtist Mary Katherine Hecht, apply a firm-hold dressing hair crème to damp strands, then set by twisting one-inch sections in alternating directions and securing with a pronged clip. When hair is completely dry, release, tousle hair with fingers and mist with a shine-boosting spray.

Tomiko Fraser
Model Tomiko Fraser chooses to embrace rather than straighten her natural texture, and her afro has become part of her signature look, whether modeling or acting. She tells's Michelle Breyer she enjoys the versatility of her natural texture, blowing it dry for a fuller look, or wetting it and applying pomade for curlier styles. She's partial to cream-based styling products.

Rachel McAdams
Which celebrities have the best curly hair styles?The Sherlock Holmes star loves the glamour of soft, sultry waves, and clients with all types of textures find her red-carpet look to be a perfect choice for special events. It's great if your client has some natural wave to support the style, says Hecht. To evoke this Hollywood-worthy look, apply curl definition crème to damp hair and use a diffuser to activate the natural hair texture. Then touch-up midlengths and ends with various sized barrel curl irons. Finish with a flexible-hold spray to keep hair softly under control.

Sarah Jessica Parker
This season, and every season, SJP serves as the ultimate curly girl role model. Lately she's taken to sporting large, lazy waves with a deep, side part. To create this Boho-chic texture, mist dry strands with a thermal protective spray, then wrap individual sections of hair around the plate of a flatiron, leaving out the last inch or so. Close the plates of the iron, release and unwind the hair. Once all sections are "set" and cool, gently break apart strands with fingers.

Melina Kanakaredes
Which celebrities have the best curly hair styles? As CSI:NY's Detective Bonasera, this curly haired actress is all business. But on the red carpet, she loves to unfurl her curls in all of their glossy glory. To achieve similar curl perfection, says North American Hairstyling Awards Texture Winner Shawna Parvin, work a lightweight, curl-defining gel through damp hair. Working section by section, twist each curl tightly; then, hands-off until hair is completely dry! At this point, you can gently move and mold hair into the finished shape, remembering, says Parvin, the less you touch strands the better for avoiding frizz.

Texture Explodes on the Catwalk
Which celebrities have the best curly hair styles?For Spring 2010, it was a celebration of textures of all types on catwalks around the world. Curls, crimps, coils, waves - even fuzzy, floaty and frizzy shapes got star treatment from Fashion Week stylists. At Diane Von Furstenberg, models actually sported a mélange of textures - a look dubbed "confetti curl" by Mizani Director of Education Veronique Morrison. Salon Salon's Jill Leitz predicts that this is the beginning of an exciting texture trend. "Texture's in style, and we should encourage clients to embrace theirs," she says. "As long as it's healthy and shiny, every texture can be incredibly beautiful!"

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