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Feeling the Hairdresser's Ache?

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 8:51 PM

Hello!  My name is Lauren Salapatek and I am the new Associate Editor at Modern Salon Media.  As a new member of the MODERN team, I will be posting regular blogs on interesting and informational beauty-related issues and products.  So keep checking back and read my blogs!

Before my job here at MODERN, I worked temporarily in retail.  Let me tell you, (anyone who has worked in retail can attest to this), at the end of the day your legs feel like rubber bands and your feet feel like sandbags.  Standing long hours and running back loads of clothes from the fitting room to their original racks puts tension on every part of your body.

So what about hairdressers?  What aches do you feel?

Maybe you are suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Tendonitis?  Do you have achy legs or sore shoulders after a long day at the salon?  Do you stand for extended periods of time?  If so, you probably can feel the stress it puts on your back, knees and feet.  

So I researched some things you might want to consider if you are suffering from these ‘work-related injuries:'


1.  Opt for a rubber anti-fatigue mat to stand on, rather than the usual hard concrete floor.  Standing on these can be more comfortable.  Plus, they add some needed cushion to your feet and knees.

2. Use a saddle chair stool.  It improves balance while still allowing you to move around agilely.

3.  Invest in some supportive shoes!  Look for shoes that are non-slip, lace up or provide some padding.   Also, many of us when standing, prefer a leg to rest on rather than balancing our weight by standing up straight.  Try and break this habit.  Be more aware of your body posture.  Next time you're in front of a mirror with a client, watch yourself and make any necessary changes to your body.

4.  Make sure you're adjusting the chair height when you are cutting hair.  This will help you so that you are not bending over constantly and causing strain on your back and shoulders.  

5. Keep your elbows tucked into your sides as close as you can.  This technique relieves shoulder and upper back strain.

6. Stretch!  By adopting a regular stretching routine, it can help with muscle tension and strengthening.  Try using Essential Stretches (you'll actually use,) a practical resource of safe and effective stretches presented in a clear, easy-to-follow format. This guide provides relief by teaching stretches to ease muscular stress, tightness and tension.  Take the stress out of stretching and start feeling better today!

7.  Use proper scissors.  Tendonitis of the forearm and thumb muscles can be a big problem for hairdressers.  Make sure you keep your scissor's blades sharp and try keeping your wrists straight.  Minimize any awkward hand positions which may cause strain.

                                           Feeling the Hairdresser's Ache?

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