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Faatemah's Shear Genius Scoop, Part 1

Faatemah Ampey | July 10, 2011 | 8:52 PM
Shear Genius contestant Faatemah Ampey shares her first episode feedback:

Faatemah's Shear Genius Scoop, Part 1

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was Shear Genius.

The return of Shear Genius will not be the show you once knew. Larger than life personalities and big egos to match = good reality TV. If your mouth isn't open or your belly doesn't hurt from laughter after each episode, I'd presume you must be heavily medicated.

When I met my competitors I was thinking, I hope there's nothing sharp in the house. These people are crazy.

First reaction to Orlando Pita as salon mentor: Yes, please! I am a huge admirer of his work. But I still don't get Jonathan as a judge. Camilla is simply gorgeous!

Episode one inspired me to ban all things fuchsia in my house. I collected everything and had a bonfire in my backyard. I thought my boob rosette looked pretty delightful coming down the runway. Janine's runway redemption showed me she will be a threat to me-competition! 

This season should be MAJOR!

And now, a note for Jonathan:

Dear Jonathan,
I would presume you are very intelligent based on the size of your head. Why would you put me in the bottom 3?! I looked at Amy and her client and thought I was seeing double. A blind man could see the resemblance of their hair. I respectfully took your critique, although I strongly disagree about my updo being "messy."  I'd like to see you create a seamless updo out of cotton candy! Oh, Johnny why are we caught in a "bad romance?!" 


Stay tuned to see if Faatemah and Jonathan's "bad romance" heats up or if she redeems herself in Jonathan's very picky opinion! Want to learn more about the show? Visit for complete contestant and judge biographies.

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