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Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 8:52 PM
“I love being able to do it all,” says Jacquelyn Sasso, stylist at Panico Salon in West Caldwell, New Jersey. Sasso recently attended a Signature Series session with photographer Roberto Ligresti and make-up artist David Maderich, where she got tips from Maderich and created this complete look. “I knew the hair was going to be a bit challenging,” said Sasso of her model’s lank locks. But she worked her magic and this is the beautiful result.
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Hair and Make-up: Jacquelyn Sasso Photography: Roberto Ligresti
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1. Apply a root lifting spray to the root, massage into the hair and brush through. Take small sections in a brush, overdirect to give lift at the root, and blow dry over a small, round, ceramic brush.
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2. Section the hair in a traditional sectioning pattern with a Mohawk section along the top.
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3. Begin the set in the Mohawk section. Lift small sections straight up and wrap down.
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4. Spray each section and pin in place.
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5. Allow to cool.
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6. Lift each section up and tease at the root. Style gently to maintain volume.
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1. Fill in the eyebrow with eye shadow, using the same shade as the brow.
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2. Using a dry mascara wand, blend the shadow and lift the strands up.
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3. Two eyeliners are used. First, run a fine line of brown liner along the lash line. Follow with a black liner, extending slightly beyond the last line.
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4. Using a Q-tip, gently blend the two liners.
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5. Finish the eye by applying a medium brown shade in the crease for contour. Blend from mid eye out to the end of the brow line.
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Products Stylers: Oribe Volumista and Biolage Freeze Fix Hairspray Brush: Creative Professional Blow dryer: Chi Rocket Curling Iron: Hot Tools Make-up: Your Name
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