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Behind the Scenes at Siriano at Fashion Week

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 8:53 PM

Behind the Scenes at Siriano at Fashion WeekChristian Siriano is totally hair friendly. He is one of the few designers to acknowledge the importance of the finished hair design to best enhance his fashion.

So here's the inside poop.  Christian, a former Aveda employee (rumor has it at the reception desk), enlisted the help of Aveda's Antoinette Beenders as his lead stylist. He had been back and forth about the finished silhouette...up or down…down or up…  This went on for weeks. He made his final decision the night before the show. The hair would be down with smooth waves.

However, final decisions are meant to be broken.

Behind the Scenes at Siriano at Fashion Week

When he showed up backstage…just hours before showtime…he changed his mind

again! Antoinette was totally confused at this point.  No one was really sure what the final look would be!  Models were piling up. The hair team was left perplexed.

Christian and Antoinette decided to COMPROMISE!!!!  That's right…the hair team split up.  Half of the models ended with Behind the Scenes at Siriano at Fashion Weeksophisticated long waves and the rest with sleek French twists! It was so Democratic.

One of my favorite moments came as I watched Christian and Antoinette watch the run through. They stood together, head to head.  The talented team had joined forces creating exciting fashion and beauty.  From my perspective, it looked like they appreciated each others skills and were happy to see the finished results of their 50/50 collaboration.

From a fashion perspective the collection was actually quite lovely. There were a lot of dark and dramatic dresses, perfect for this fall 2010 season. My favorite was a tight column gown in a deep periwinkle with torso length rushing.  In addition to long sleeves, there was a baby train. It was tight and sexy and while not a super new silhouette…perfectly executed. A true hit.

The front row was crawling with celebs. I was in the second row behind  actresses Mena Suvari and Kristen Johnston, and the blonde stubbled Amber Rose (Kanye West's main squeeze). There were other celeb types there and the paparazzi were merciless. I was blinded by their flashes and offended by their stupid questions. I can't imagine what it is like to be on the receiving end of that assault.

In spite of that, everything about this show, from the hair to the fashion to the drama to the celebs, made it an A plus show. I hate to say it….forgive me… but this show was fierce.

Behind the Scenes at Siriano at Fashion Week

Behind the Scenes at Siriano at Fashion Week

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