Pseudo Locks

July 10, 2011 | 8:54 PM
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Hair: Barbara Lhotan Photography: Roberto Ligresti Make-up: david Maderich for Fashion Styling: David Widjaja
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Take small sections and over-direct toward the face. Twist the hair around a small iron, twirling to the end.
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Hold the end of the section and slowly work the hair toward the root with a comb, working from the end of the section up the shaft.
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Work back, blending extensions into the sections.
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Lift the hair up from the crown and back comb. Liberally apply XFusion hair fibers to the base.
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Spray the section from roots to ends with fiber hold spray.
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Twist the section around itself, bending to the crown.
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Place to the desired shape and then secure with pins.
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Barbara Lhotan, of ElieElie Salon in Winchester, Virginia, has found a way to give clients ultra-cool dreadlocks without the commitment.

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