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Odile Gilbert Uses Aveda at Rodarte

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 8:55 PM

Odile Gilbert really doesn’t do “simple”.  I found her backstage at more than 10 shows during New York Fashion Week. Each look designed by Odile was either intricate, extreme or heavily styled.

 The Rodarte Fall/Winter 2010 Collection was no exception.The finished look was complete with handmade metal flowers to anchor a sleek, shiny blunt silhouette.

 Odile Gilbert Uses Aveda at Rodarte

“It’s at once free-flowing yet controlled,” saysOdile. “I was inspired by the idea of a modern, young girl who is strong and capable yet sweet and innocent. The look is young and dreamlike, with handmade metal flowers that make a statement.”

 Odile offered her steps using Aveda products on re-creating the look for your clients:

 1. Prep damp hair with AvedaSmooth Infusionâ„¢ Glossing Straightener for shine and sleekness, and blow-dry smooth with a flat brush.  

 2. Create a clean left side part. Straighten hair layer by layer using a flat iron. 

 3. Create anchors for the flower pins by forming three small braids along the scalp: one along the left side of the occipital ridge, one across the center of the head, and one vertically along the left side part. Spray with Aveda Control Forceâ„¢ Hair Spray for maximum hold.

4. Brush hair over the braids, keeping the left side part clean and strong. Spray each layer of hair with Aveda Control Forceâ„¢ HairSpray and blow-dry for intense hold and shine. Hair should be sleek and close to the head.

5. Use small bobby pins to secure hair in a clean line from one side of the occipital ridge to the other, just above the nape of the neck. Let the ends of hair fall loosely in back and over both shoulders.

6. Secure a selection of metal flower ornaments into the hair horizontally across the head, using the covered braids as anchors. Finish the look with Aveda Control Forceâ„¢ HairSpray.

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