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Bree D'Errico Attends New York Fashion Week

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 8:56 PM

Bree D'Errico Attends New York Fashion Week

 Bree D'Errico, winner of Sebastian's What's Next Award 

Bree D’Errico had never been to any fashion week anywhere, so when she learned she had won Sebastian’s What’s Next Awards with a grand prize of working behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week, she didn’t know what to expect. The stylist, an artist at the Aha! Salon in Houma, Louisiana, had only been to New York once before for a short training, so knew little about the New York experience and particularly the NEW YORK FASHION WEEK experience. That is New York on fashion steroids.

“I really had few expectations,”

said Bree in an exclusive interview with Modern Salon. “I am from a home town salon, 45 miles south of New Orleans. It was all so exciting. It was certainly less organized than I expected and a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’. There was such great energy and it was all so extravagant. While I expected a little bit more of challenge, I was surprised to see how much goes in to creating really simple looks.”

Those simple looks were seen on the runways of three Sebastian sponsored shows. “Each show was so different,” says Bree. “Each designer had such surprising different desires for the finished looks.”

Bree’s favorite show was Betsey Johnson. “It was my favorite hair of the three, and it certainly was the most fun. It was a ‘real show’ and what I mean by that is that there was such attention to detail. Betsey is involved in every aspect and creates such an endearing and down to earth atmosphere. It was held on Valentines day and Kelly Osbourne sent her a singing telegram! There was great music and champagne and candy everywhere. Even backstage was decorated! The disheveled pig tails we created totally fit in. They were big and voluptuous. We set the hair on Velcro rollers and then finger back combed. It was perfect...and I got to sit second row for the show!”

Bree D'Errico Attends New York Fashion Week
Bree and Thomas Dunkin with a model from the Betsey Johnson show

Bree was a bit surprised at the simplicity of the messy ponytail created for Band of Outsiders. “It was just so easy to create. Not tight or slicked back, but piece-y and textured.”

For Zero + Maria Cornejo, “the hair look was simple and messy. It was straight and matted. The only technique in creating the finish was using matte putty to pull out strands. And then they put on a hat! My model had some broken hair from doing so many shows so I was kind of happy for the hat!”

One of the best parts of the entire Fashion Week experience for Bree was working with Thomas Dunkin. “He was simply amazing,” she says. “He was so inspiring and learning that he voted for me just made my trip! He is a true celeb to me and I learned so much from him.”

The What’s Next Awards Contest was held last year, ending November 2009. Contestants were invited to submit their finishes using Sebastian Professional Texture products for this on-line competition. The“texture themed” images were judged by peers, clients and friends.

Bree D'Errico Attends New York Fashion Week

Bree D'Errico winning finish for Sebastian's What's Next Awards

“The What’s Next Awards is meant to give stylists access to a creative outlet that affords them national exposure,” says Reuben Carranza, Director, NA Professional Salon, P&G Salon Professional. “It not only gives stylists a platform to showcase their signature talents and inspire their peers, but it also allows them to connect with consumers and make them part of the trend-driving magic.”

Bree D’Errico showcased, inspired, connected and became part of the trend driving magic because she entered and won the What’s Next Awards. “Sebastian is so great to have offered this,” she says. “If given an opportunity to give parting words, I just want to thank Sebastian and Proctor and Gamble for this opportunity. What’s next for me? I can’t wait to audition for the Sebastian hair team


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