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Show Your Modern Love, Get Rewarded!

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 9:45 PM

Love Modern? We <3 you too!!

Ahh.... Facebook. Sometimes, I think I may need a 12-step program for my addiction to the site. Seriously, I can connect with people SO fast, share pictures, ask for advice, share links to my favorite articles and blogs-there are SO many useful apps on Facebook that make connecting with friends and family so much easier.

Did you know Modern has a Facebook fan page? Yep, it's true. And there's nothing Modern loves more than our readers. So, we want to reward you for becoming a fan of Modern on Facebook by giving you free stuff. And, who doesn't love free stuff??!!

Show Your Modern Love, Get Rewarded!If you help us reach more than 9,999 fans by May 31, every single one of those fans will get a free course on

What's Modern Salon Learning? MSL is SUCH an incredible tool for stylists. The site offers multi-level courses on cutting, coloring and styling. Taught by world-renowned stylist Jamie Carroll, the classes offer video, pics and steps to make your learning experience successful.

Whether you're a newbie like me who is nervous about entering the salon floor, or a seasoned stylist who wants a refresher course or wants to stay up-to-date on the newest red carpet trends-Modern Salon Learning is an excellent resource.

If you're already enrolled in Modern Salon Learning courses, you'll get a FREE MODERN SALON Look Book magazine with the best of Modern Salon Learning courses AND the first of those 500 fans will get Jamie Carroll's hair collection DVD.

Why 9,999?

The number 9 is most often associated with passion, creative energy, success, romance, benevolence and a deep love of life. Nine energy flows like water and is reflective of universal love.

Anyone in the beauty industry knows hairdressers are passionate, creative, generous, hard-working individuals seeking inspiration, self-development and self-realization who continuously update their skills and are willing to grow by challenging their limits of knowledge and experience.

Our 9,999 will be just like number 9, which is:
• Number of the harmony, it represents the inspiration and the perfection of the ideas.
• Symbolizes the plenitude of talents, the reward of the tests.
• Symbol of the life as a rhythm and development.
• Number of the patience.
• The number of the achievement.
• The expression of the perfection.

Fan us on Facebook and show your MODERN LOVE! Wear it loud, wear it proud. 

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