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Something Special to Retail: Shower Caps!

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 9:48 PM

Louise O'Connor, owner of OC61 Salon, saw a wonderful opportunity to help her clients protect their new looks between salon visits.

"I realized that if people spend so much time and effort on a blow dry, why would they risk getting it wet in the shower or bath?? I would offer my clients plastic caps from the color department. But we are all so visual, we like everything to match and look pretty, even when we shower."

Louise found the high end shower cap company ZAZZ and felt they were a perfect fit for her high end salon. "We sell 3 a week, and a lot more around the holidays. They're a wonderful gift for a friend. They look gorgeous in the bathroom and very sexy on!!"

They should! The durable caps retail in the salon for $36. "People don't always know what they need until they're told, so we suggest the caps with blowdriers in gift baskets and after blow dry services. It's a win for us....and for them."

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