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L.E.O. Recipients Announced

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 9:48 PM

Every year at America's Beauty Show, the presentation of the L.E.O. Awards is an annual tradition.

The L.E.O. Awards represent: Leadership in the salon industry, Excellence in designer education and Outstanding Pivot Point alumni, while also honoring the founder and chairman of Pivot Point, Leo Passage.

The 2010 L.E.O. Awards will be presented to five salon industry leaders who acknowledge their Pivot Point education as the basis for their success in many areas of professional beauty.
The recipients are:
Robert Aubin, CEO, Pivot Point Australia and New Zealand
L.E.O. Recipients Announced
Raised in the United States, where his Pivot Point training established him as a notable competition stylist, Robert Aubin accepted Leo Passage's offer to train stylists in Australia back in 1969. An enormously successful business career followed. Robert is highly regarded as an innovator of the hairdressing industry in Australia.
Ann Bray, The Masters, Huntsville, Alabama
L.E.O. Recipients Announced
A true master herself of the art in hair styling and finishing, Ann Bray is a treasured teaching artist and mentor to so many beauty professionals. She credits her Pivot Point training to "turning the page" on her early career as a competition hairstylist.
Michael ‘Rahni' Flowers, Creator and Proprietor of Van Cleef Hair Salon, Chicago

L.E.O. Recipients Announced
This talented owner of Van Cleef Hair Salon, a luxury oasis for African-American women, is perhaps best known today as the longtime hair designer for First Lady Michelle Obama while she lived in Chicago.
Gretchen ‘Gretta' Monahan, Beauty and Fashion Entrepreneur, Boston
L.E.O. Recipients Announced
Fashion and beauty are intrinsically linked, but never more so than in the expansive and explosive career of Boston's Gretchen "Gretta" Monahan. Her busy beauty and fashion life today includes being one of Rachael Ray's daytime TV buddies, dispensing advice to countless consumers.
Diana Schmidtke, Men's Grooming, Style and Hair Care Specialist, Los Angeles
L.E.O. Recipients Announced
Styling the hair of George Clooney, Viggo Mortensen and Matt Damon is just a day in the working life of Diana Schmidtke, Pivot Point International graduate and currently a freelance stylist in Tinseltown. Her work has been featured in Esquire, Men's Journal, Vogue, New York Times, W magazine and InStyle.

An awards ceremony took place on Sunday, March 28 at ABS, followed by a gala Pivot Point International Alumni Reunion and Cocktail Party.

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