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Green Beauty

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 9:51 PM
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These eco-inspired looks by Lisa Vann bring an urban edge to natural beauty. Hair accessories and texture give the final styles a unique touch. Credits: Hair: Lisa Vann, Aveda Global Guest Artist and owner of Milagros Salon and Spa in Seattle, Washington. Assistants: Fredrick Williams, stylist at Milagros, and Daniel Holzberger, Creative Director, Van Michael Salons Make-up: Rudy Miles, Global Make-Up Director, Aveda Nails: Daniel Holzberger (Wicked by Essie) Fashion styling: David Widjaja Learn how to create this modern cut and color from Lisa Vann, Aveda Global Guest Artist.
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Products Color: Aveda Full Spectrum, Deposit Only Hair Color (permanent hair color) Shampoo and Conditioner: Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner Styling products (all by Aveda): Brilliant Damage Control, Be Curly Curl Enhancer, Confixor Liquid Gel and Control Force Firm Hold hairspray (available in June) Iron: Hot Tools ¼-inch marcel Blower: SuperSolano Shears: Kasho Millennium Nail Polish: Essie
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1. Section hair into five quadrants above the parietal ridge. Section large “X” shapes across each quadrant from corner to corner.
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2. Split the triangle of each quadrant into four triangles. Split the bottom triangle and apply the first shade (40 grams of 0N and 20 grams of dark red orange deposit-only color treatment with 40 milliliters of Color Treatment Activator). Apply from new growth to end.
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3. Place on the side and pull out the second side. Blend 40 grams of 5N and 4 grams of dark YO with deposit-only Color Treatment with 40 milliliters of the deposit-only Color Treatment Activator (creates a golden chocolate brown).
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4. Rope twist the two sections together to meld the color.
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5. Apply Full Spectrum Deep with 20 grams 12N and 5 grams of B/Gr (light blue-gray pure tone) with 40 volume color catalyst. Place on the last two inches of the hair for a light golden tone.
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6. Seal the ends with foil. Work around the head within the quadrants. Process at room temperature for 20 minutes.
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7. Shampoo with Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry and apply prep: Brilliant Damage Control Spray as heat protectant.
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8. Begin the cut along the side. Take 1 ½-inch circular sections. Direct sections forward and cut extremely long graduation.
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9. Utilizing the client’s natural parting, continue to work around the head using slight elevation.
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10. Direct the fringe forward and elevate. Cut to leave a long fringe and blend to the sides.
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11. In back, comb the hair straight down and cut a “U” shape against the skin.
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Finished look.
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Finished look.
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Finished look.
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