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Faatemah's Shear Genius Scoop: Curl up and Dye

Faatemah Ampey | July 10, 2011 | 9:52 PM
This week, stylists were put to the test with an African American clientele. I strongly feel that every stylist should challenge themselves to be able to service every client regardless of their ethnicity. Hair is not a race–it is  fabric so deal with it accordingly. As stylists we are hair tailors.

Shortcut Guest judge: Kimberly Kimble.

On top: Janine with a great interpretation of Gwen Stefani. I love the way Janine added the gold hair accessory to complement the dress. Janine wins this challenge but Brian impresses me with his confidence and knowledge about textured hair. Brian's style felt a bit old school but it was styled to perfection.

Bottom: Brig ?! Gasp, clutch the pearls ... I think by now we all know she's here strictly for entertainment purposes.

Elimination Guest Judge: Estelle! I am a fan of Estelle's music and her unique since of style.The Grammy-award winning songstress did an awesome job with her commentary to the stylists. Janine left me amazed at her flawless Diana Ross Mahogany tribute.You go girl! Brian's Edie Sedgwick was ... let's just say it left me speechless, and not in a good way. Love you Brian, but holy bleach on her ends and not the root?!

Brian goes home. Brian, I will miss your pretty face and useless banter. The cast will miss your lack of clothing in the apartment when we weren't filming the show. Actually I'm going to miss that too:-)

Random Rants

I'm a fan of Matthew and Janine's 'BroMance'. I love how they high five each other and the other contestants cringe with envy.

We need to see more Orlando Pita! This man is a hair god and we only get a glimpse of him and his opinion ... UGH.

I am so trigger happy for the mute button when Brigg speaks. OVER IT!!!

Totally enjoy watching Brian over explain and misuse the English language.

Jon dressed as Brigg? He looked better in her clothes than she does! LMAO ... Loved it:-)

Boys and girls we are down to the final 4! Matthew, Jon, Janine and Brigg. Who will be the next Shear Genius? The judges will decide. Who will be your fan favorite? YOU decide! Go to and cast your
vote! Polls are open until March 31. I voted for the cute brown girl:-)

Loving every minute,

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