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Last Day of America's Beauty Show! Don't Miss Out!

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 9:53 PM
It's the last day of America's Beauty Show—and you know what that means! Look for GREAT deals and TONS of students!!

This show has been awesome so far. And, Modern has been EVERYWHERE!

At least three times a day we've had celebrity hairdressers and industry icons at Modern's booth—from Ted Gibson, Ruth Roche and Anthony Mascolo—there's been a little bit of something for everyone.

There is a TON of awesome stuff going on today too—make sure you don't miss it!! Here's what we're excited about!

1. 8:30 - 10 am: The Student Conference at America's Beauty Show
So, OK, not only is your favorite editor ; ) the emcee, but there will be a ton of amazing presenters there too! Luis Alvarez, Tabatha Coffey, Kim Vo, David Raccuglia—to name a few! Don't miss it!

2. 12:30 Salon Today Editor in Chief Stacey Soble will be onstage at the Modern Salon booth with Neil Ducoff—
founder and CEO of Strategies, a business training and coaching company specializing in the salon and spa industry. Perfect for salon owners and managers!

3. 1:00 - 4:00 Beth Minardi's Conversation in Color
Beth is the Color Queen! Come see her discuss Joico's Vero K-Pak color! She knows it all, come see the master at work!

4. Adrienne Rogers iFoil in Color! Several topics will be discussed, such as the importance hair color plays in our everyday lives, what Adrienne believes leads to success as a colorist and the importance of professionalism.

5. Christine Turner "Are you Earning What You are Worth?" Learn the business skills needed to fill your appointment book, improve client retention rates, weed out unwanted clients, save time and money and give yourself a much deserved raise.

6. Launch of Episode 4, Modern Salon TV!! Check it out! It goes live at 12 pm. Visit and Get educated, get entertained, get inspired. New episode highlights: Celebrity: We check out the hair and make-up behind the hit movie, Alice in Wonderland. Modern Reports: Maggie Mulhern visits the star of the new reality show Jerseylicious--Gatsby salon in Hoboken, New Jersey. Beauty School Diary: Alison Shipley and her fellow Pivot Point students learn all about nails. Tune in for these segments and much more hair news, just for you!

7. 2:00 Meet world-renowned stylist and educator Jamie Carroll at the Modern Salon booth!!

8. 3:00 Come meet the fabulous Editor in Chief of Modern Salon Laurel Nelson at the Modern booth!!

9. Rafe Hardy Sexy Hair Structure in Motion!

10. Meet and Greet with Tabatha Coffey at The Student Assembly!!!

These are just a few of the classes and events happening on Monday. Consult your ABS show schedule for even more events or visit

(And don’t forget to stop by the MODERN SALON booth (#2600)! )

Gosh, it was already days ago that I wrote my first blog on the upcoming show—I can't believe it's almost over!!

Coolest things about ABS, in no particular order : )

1) I speak to sooooo many people through email on a daily basis: manufacturers, distributors, hair stylists, salon owners, make-up artists, students, you name it. We live in a world where we constantly communicate through email or phone or text, we hardly get to actually meet the people we're speaking to. That's what I love so much about beauty shows. We all get together, we all actually meet and speak face to face. I love it! Please, if you see me wandering around the showfloor, make sure you stop and say hey! Let's take a quick pic or say hello to our video cameras—you could end up in my blog or on Modern Salon TV!

2) Since I enrolled in Pivot Point, my job has changed so much. Now, not only do I get to go to hair shows and see cool hair, but I get to go to hair shows, see cool hair, and LEARN how to do it, from the masters themselves! Prior to becoming a student, I always LOVED learning how styles and looks were put together. But now, I get to execute the looks in the classroom, on my mannequin, or on my brave friends and fam!

3) At a beauty show, you can FEEL the positive energy in the air. Seriously. There is SO much passion and enthusiasm for the industry it gives me goosebumps. I love, love, love it!

4) Black. Everyone wears black and it's my all-time fav color. I fit right in!

5) Stylists don't shake hands. Stylists hug! LOVE IT! This industry really is one that just loves to love. I <3 that!

6) Burning the calories. Man oh man, one day on the showfloor, running around shopping, interviewing, scoping out the new products, etc, you can easily burn a week's worth of calories. It's the BEST! You don't even realize you're exercising!

8) New products! Beauty shows are the best for finding the best new products to try out and buy. And, you can get some GREAT deals. LOVE THAT!

9) Getting together with the other Modern staffers. Modern is all over the country. We have an editor on the east coast (Maggie) one on the west (Stacey) we even have an editor in Canada! We have staffers in California, Arizona, Connecticut, you name it! It's always so good to get the whole team together and take the show by storm!!!

10) Last but not least, the people. My heart grows bigger and bigger each time I come to a hair show. A hair show just wouldn't be the same if it weren't for the amazing people, educators, organizers, editors, stylists, owners, distributors, manufacturers and salon and spa professionals. Love it!!!

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