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Tips for getting salon clients to buy more cosmetics

July 10, 2011 | 9:53 PM
Are you watching additional revenue walk out the door? Make sure your make-up bar or cosmetics counter
is positioned in a way where salon clients have to pass it.

“It’s easy to get your clients thinking about cosmetics,” says Adrienne Kramer, president of Mirabella Beauty ( “After all, they’re thinking beauty as soon as they enter your doors.”

Try some of Kramer’s strategic tips:
Brighten Up for Spring! As the weather thaws around the country, mention the change in season and ask if they’ve seen the new spring make-up colors. “Encourage your stylists to suggest pretty new shades of lipstick that enhance the hair colors they are creating,” says Kramer.

Promote the Promotion. Script your receptionist to point out the newest cosmetic promotion. Make sure the ‘gift with purchase’ or ‘purchase with purchase’ ensemble is easily visible from the front desk.

Play Matchmaker. One of the biggest challenges for women is finding the right foundation. Help your client by having her take a test, such as the Mirabella Beauty Fitzpatrick Quiz, to discover the foundation shade that’s a perfect match for her skin type for the season.

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