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Embracing Textured Hair at ABS

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 9:54 PM

On Sunday, MODERN hosted Texture! a unique hair event geared for salon professionals
interested in learning about curly, frizzy and kinky hair types. The pioneer panel featured
a discussion and Q & A section with learners and innovators in the textured hair industry.

  Embracing Textured Hair at ABS 
 (From left to right) Anthony Dickey, Titi and Miko Branch, Veronique Morrison, Ouidad, Shari harbinger, Jonathan Torch
Edwin Johnston, on the Texture! panel for half of the event.


 Handouts at MODERN'S Texture! event
 Each person who attended the Texture! event received a Texture! bag full of curl products and beauty goodies

Panelists and their inspiration for entering the textured hair industry:

Anthony Dickey: textured hair expert, author of "Hair Rules!: The Ultimate Hair-Care Guide for
Women with Kinky, Curly or Wavy Hair,"
and creator of the Hair Rules line of products.

During the panel discussion, Dickey said he wanted to offer women an inside into the textured hair
business. In his experience, "It was about coming up with a hodge podge of products that would help
women with their curly hair issues," said Dickey. I never initially thought I would be part of the textured
hair business, I just came about it accidentally." According to Dickey, textured hair is all about accurately
dealing with every one's hair issues and embracing different hair types.

Miko and Titi Branch: creators of Miss Jessie's Line of products and owners of Miss Jessie's Salon
in Brooklyn.


"Our entrance into the curly hair business started when my sister, Titi, had her child," said Miko. "During this time she realized she couldn't keep her hair as straight as she liked so she started to experiment with her curly hair." From this point on both sisters developed strategies and techniques for women who wanted to embrace their texture. They decided after working with textured hair to form a product line—focusing on a niche in the curl market—black curly hair.

(From left to right) Titi and Miko Branch. The sisters want to teach people how to deal with frizz. "Don't be afraid of someone who walks into the salon with mounds of hair," said Titi. "Learn how to control it."  

"We primarily dealt with healthy hair. As I changed, my clients changed. We really connected with women who were trying to find solutions," said Miko. We took our knowledge and education on curly hair and created strategies to help women."

  Ouidad: Known as the "Queen of Curl," pioneer in the curly world who opened the world's first salon 26 years ago devoted to curly hair and author of "Curl Talk."

Ouidad started working with curly hair out of her own frustration with her own curly hair. "People thought I was crazy for opening a salon dedicated solely to curly hair," said Ouidad. "I told them that I would do it. My business grew so fast it was like a tsunami." Ouidad stressed that people should embrace their curly hair and work with what they have. 
 Veronique Morrison, Ouidad and Shari Harbinger

"Every head of texture has four or five different curl patterns," said Ouidad. "Let your hair air dry naturally.
Do things naturally and you will see the benefit."

Veronique Morrison: Mizani Director of Education.

"I started working with curly hair for personal and professional reasons. My frustration actually branched out to my teaching," said Veronique. There are so many stylists that are frustrated. It is our responsibility to educate others about the texture business and get others to learn about different curl patterns." Veronique stressed that hair dressers should all realize what specific type of textured hair they are dealing with and learn how to deal with it correctly. "It's time for us to all get on the band-wagon. Curly hair is no long and oddity, it is part of the norm."

According to Veronique, straight hair can be just as fashionable as curly hair. "The more we accept ourselves, our curls, and our knowledge of curls, the more this section of the beauty industry will grow."

Shari Harbinger: Director of Education for Deva Concepts and Color Director for Devachan Salon.

"Curly hair is not a trend, it's a lifestyle," said Shari. "Get out and embrace it!"

 Shari Harbinger, Jonathan Torch and Edwin Johnston

Jonathan Torch, founder of Toronto's Curly Hair Institute and creator of the Curly Hair Solutions line of hair products; and Edwin Johnston of KMS California were also panelists at MODERN'S Texture! event.

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